Software “nach Maß”


Online Knowledge System:

This is a content management system for corporate intranet / internet sites. The web-services-based system stores a documents as books, articles, documentations, finds and represents to the customer variate of document's view, as for example document preview. As documents can act business paper, scientific books and so on. The client part is a RIA web-browser client. The main feature is an intelligent search engine, includes full text search.

File searcher:

The application searches the files on a local computer for file name, file extension, or file context for popular file format like MS Office, OpenOffice, PDF, system files, code source files and even image files like JPEG. For quick search results the files could be indexed. Application uses modern WPF technology.


PdfToImage application allows converting pdf document into image or images, according the number of pages in the original document.



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